Cigarette Lighter USB Charger 12V for normal speed recharge


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This USB car charger enable you to recharge quickly your devices while beeing very discreet inside your car.

Caracteristics :

  • This chargeur allow you to convert your cigarette lighter as a USB power supply port to recharge your devices.
  • Recharge any devices which can be supplied by a USB mean: cellphone, smartphone, Pad, GPS, iPhone, iPod, MP3 Reader and more
  • An ultra-discreet design that won't be noticeable in your vehicule.
  • Power led status indicator
  • Power exit : 1000 mA
  • Voltage exit : 5V

Time it takes to recharge an iPhone : 1 hour more or less

Time it takes to recharge a Galaxy S3 : 2 hours more or less

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