RCA to Jack Cable for Renault vehicles


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It is very simple to install this RCA cable of 1.2 meters, all you need is to plug it into your vehicule. The audio quality is irreproachable and higher than the FM transmitters which generally produce a low quality sound.

You can connect this RCA cable to all your Renault vehicules equiped with an original car radio and an RCA entry :

- By installing it by yourself in 5 to 10 minutes (see installation guide)
- Without any modification into the vehicle
- Without unplugging the radio
- Conserving steerring commands

Connect then the cable to your Smartphone (iPhone...) and listen your MP3 enjoying :

- From a unique product on the market
- A invisible product once installed
- A solid product with enhanced connectivity
- A great audio quality, we are committed to the quality of our products
- A easy to use product with a length of 2.5 meters

! Check the compatibility of the vehicule and the car radio before buying. If you doubt of the compatibility after these 2 steps, check the assembly connector at the back of your car radio.

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Compatibile car radio model:

The compatible car radios Renault are those which have been produced since 2008 and have an RCA plug as the example below :

Connexion RCA pour Renault

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